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In case you guys want to know about me, here you all go, . Any questions/comments, feel free to e-mail me at themllemia@gmail.com. I enjoy feedback and discussions!

I'm a bulimic (though not purging currently due to my ana friend), lesbian, politically undeclared but very politically active in pro-women's and LGBT rights, anti-drones, anti-online censorship. (If that doesn't scare you away, continue on!)

I love computers, programming, technology in general, DIY projects, sewing, food (in a strange sense, yes, food also), measuring myself daily, rabbits, cute things, fluffy things, etc.

I have a physically and emotionally abusive mother, a father who's scared of his own wife, and a younger sister. By the way, family therapy does not work, so don't bother paying the $500 per appointment. Just move out once you can since foster care sucks also and you don't want to end up there either. Just a few tips.

Currently a sales associate, though I'm hoping to create my own online shop for cute accessories in the future!

That's me in a short bio.

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  1. I do not have an eating disorder, but I was looking for weightloss inspiration and came across your blog. You have not posted in over a year. I hope you are okay. God bless you on your journey.