25 May 2013

Sorry for my absence


Well, I have been gone for a while. Sorry. I ended up being (forcibly) placed in a hospital for my ED. I was on calorie count the entire time there, and I had to drink Ensure at every meal.

I gained weight because of that obviously.

However, I have learned absolutely nothing while I was there. They mostly just tried to force feed me the entire time and tell me that being mia is "bad" for you but teach nothing else beyond that. All they wanted was to fatten me up like a pig.

So I did gain weight. I'm too ashamed to say what it is right now. But I have already lost 4 lbs in the past several days. Once I get to 100 I'll let you all know.

Also going to post some thinspo tonight. I haven't seen thinspo in weeks!

P.S. I also joined the gym, the 24 hour gym that I mentioned in my last post. So happy, I've been there the past several days.

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