24 July 2013

Almost there... but still far.

It's been a while.

I haven't posted because I was in 'recovery' for a short while. But it all crashed down. To shortly explain, I gained up to 110.6 lbs and decided that was enough. I stopped taking my weight gaining meds and I have been eating less and less.

Today was the first time I ate more than 400 calories in 10 days. I feel horrid. But I'm at 101.6 lbs today after 10 days. That's 9 lbs that I have lost. I feel so proud of myself for this. However I feel terrified that I ate so much today. I'm so scared.

Calorie count today is: 140 + 120+ 160 = 420

I feel so fat. I know I'm not going to lose weight tomorrow when I wake up. I'm betting I gained an extra pound or two back. I'm so scared. I don't want to be fat tomorrow.

I'm going to Las Vegas next week and I need to be under 100 lbs by then. I don't want to be seen by people I don't know and be thought of as the fat girl.

I'm scared.

I think I'll go buy a few things of blueberries tomorrow, just so if I get hungry again I'll just eat blueberries and feel satisfied.

So how has everyone else been? Please let me know! I'll post thinspo again some time.

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