26 July 2013


Why. Why can't I lose any more weight.

I was at 100.8 lbs yesterday. I was so excited to wake up today and weigh myself. I was finally looking forward to being under 100 lbs for the first time in months. But yet, why am I still the same exact weight as yesterday!?

I haven't changed today at all. I'm still at 100.8 lbs. This is torture. I'm so angry. I should be under 100 lbs today. I should be lower than this. So why am I somehow the exact same weight!?

Why. Is. My. Life. So. Horrid.

I'm wearing my favorite skirt for the first time in a while. The last time I wore it, I felt so fat in it. I was trying to feel confident in this skirt but I'm still too fat. 24" on my waist? Please. That's disgusting. But at least I don't look that fat anymore. Remember when I had a 28" waist? Yeah. That was disgusting.

At least 100.8 lbs is better than 110.6 lbs.

And the worst part of today? I'm taking my sister out for sister and sister day after her summer program at the uni here. We're getting ice cream for sure and I'm fairly sure I have to eat a lunch with her also. Fuck my life. I'm going to gain weight tonight.

Unless I take laxatives. Yeah. I'll do that.


  1. maybe there's like heavy fat and light fat and you have to burn through some heavy fat to get to the light fat? or water or muscle or something?
    The human body is complicated.

    please don't use laxatives. it sounds scary.:(

    1. Thank you for your concern. I guess that's true about the fat thing though, it sure feels like it.

  2. I know there's brown fat, from exposure to cold, that is tighter and keeps you warm, and yellow fat, which stores energy and makes you jiggle, but I don't know about light and heavy fat. If you want laxatives, I recommend Phillips fast acting tablets. Two of them has you in the loo in two hours. As for the weight, 110.6lbs is your HW? Mine is 151.5lbs. I'm 5'6". I was about two pounds away from obesity. It's awful. I wish I were as little as you.