03 September 2013

Measurements Again

I finally did measurements again for the first time since April. I also weighed myself this morning when I woke up.

97.2 lbs, 23.8" (or 60.5cm which is closer).

Comparing my measurements from today to April, I am -5 lbs, neck measurements of course vary but they did go up +.25", arms went down -.25", forearm went up by +.3cm, wrist went down -.1cm, I did not measure bust this time around, under bust went up +2cm (which is disgusting), waist went up +.3", stomach remained neutral, hips were slightly smaller at 81cm than 32", upper thighs went down -2.5cm, mid thighs went down -1.5cm, knee went up +.2cm, mid calf went up to 30.5cm, ankle for some odd reason was not added last time but I measured 19.8cm this time.

I'm rather upset that so many measurements went up when I'm actually lighter than I was the last time I took measurements like these. I'm assuming the reason why I gained in a lot of these measurements is due to the fact that I gained weight and my body shape changed.

I just wish I could get my old body back. I'm sick of this. I'm sick of my stomach being so large. Even if my waist looks smaller I'll still look fat because of my stomach. I'm so sick of this. I just wish that I could tear off my skin and fat to make myself normal. I'm so sick of this. I want to be normal again.

Maybe it was a bad day to do measurements. I'm so upset now.

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