06 August 2013

Teaspoon of Thinspo

 So I found a Facebook page with this girl who's known as the human barbie. I'm planning on posting an entire thinspo on her once I go through all of her pictures. But here are a few of her pictures along with some nice gems I found online.

I do not own any of these images and if you are the owner of an image and wish it to be taken down, please let me know via e-mail.
It's insane how thin she is.
She's so doll like.
She really is Barbie.
I wish I had her legs. Oh my goodness, her legs are flawless.
I wish my legs were tall and thin like hers. Her arms are amazing also.
If I could get my thighs to look like this, I could die happy without any regrets.
Those arms.
Fashion models are so gorgeous.
Knee high socks look so cute on girls with thin legs.
Another knee high sock picture. I can't remember if I uploaded this before or not though. If it's a re-post, sorry!
More of an 'artsy' type of picture.
If only my back would look like this. My body shape is horrid. I look fat no matter how thin I am because I'm just a stick in a straight line, no hips or anything.
Thought that is was pretty inspirational. Like, holy crap. I can't even imagine being that large but to see how small she got? So amazing.
I was going to go swimming during vacation but I opted not to since I felt too fat to wear a swim suit.

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