09 March 2013

Measurement Day - 9 Mars

Well, as much as I wanted to delay my measurements due to eating and drinking last night, I still took them. I had to eat pesto.

Some of my measurements surprised me. For someone who weighed in at 95.1 lbs, I went down in certain measurements while other ones went up.

For odd reasons, my neck measurements went up +.25" along with my arm (+.3"). I'm assuming that my arm measurements went up because I'm doing a lot of exercising with free weights for upper arm. However it looks worse for some reason so I'm going to lay off on that for a while.

Weight from the last time went down only -.1 lbs, however I did eat and drink last night so I blame it on that. Forearm went down -.4 cm, wrist -.2 cm, bust -2.5 cm (not happy about that one but better to be thinner than fat), -.3 cm under the bust, waist -.75", stomach -.2", hips -.25", upper thigh -.25", mid thigh -.3 cm, and mid calf -.6 cm.

However my knee and ankle measurements remained the same. What a pity.

I swear I will be at 90 lbs for my next measurement, unless I'm in a long term in patient facility by then. My family are applying to two different hospitals right now, claiming I'm not stable.

I am stable.  I have lost some weight. I will make it through alive, not fat.

By the way, some bad news, broke up with my girl friend prior to hospitalization since it's in my near future no matter how much I disagree. Fuck psychiatrists.

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