06 March 2013

Tic tacs and gum

95.4 lbs and 22.5"

Back on track. I swear to myself I will never get back higher than a 95 after I get lower. I never want to feel that disgusting extra fat on my body again. For days I've been just mortified by my own body, looking at how disgustingly terrible it looked, fat bulging from everywhere. Never again.

Yesterday all I had was tic tacs and gum. Lots of water of course, again.

Working out today and going to work also after classes, more weight loss from doing those again hopefully. I couldn't work out yesterday and it drove me insane.

I refuse to be a whale.

Also, is it just me or does it seem that every tic tac you eat, you feel like you've gained a pound for each one? I felt disgusted yesterday by the time I was done with almost an entire thing of tic tacs. I need to find something else.

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