31 March 2013

Carpet floors

Sorry for not posting in a while, just moved to a new place with carpet flooring.

I am screwed. Also, today I'm 98.8 lbs, 23"

Fuck this shit. At my old home I removed the carpeting with the excuse that it was too dirty (really wasn't but they believed it) so I could safely weigh myself in my room. I can't do that anymore. The floor is nice and fluffy, clean and pretty. I'm screwed.

I have to figure out a safe way to weigh myself. I think I'll have to weigh myself in the morning during my showers and hide it with my towels. Thank goodness for huge towels. But I'm still screwed if someone catches me.

I've been eating a lot lately due to my family not having gone grocery shopping yet so I can't have the "I already ate" excuse due to not having food in the house at all yet.

I'm so dizzy though, I had work last night and I ate once before with my family. Threw it up at work. Not a good thing to do by the way, but thankfully lingerie was fairly bare last night so I didn't have to work with too many customers. Haven't ate since that one time with my family.

But I'm still fat. 98.8 lbs fat. I need to go grocery shopping to ward off my family from trying to make me eat. I'm so disgusting and fat and ugly.

I'll post thinspo later. I need to figure out a way to weigh myself safely.

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  1. I know that pain. I used to hide it in a box under my desk, but now I hide it under cotton balls in the bathroom cabinet under the sink. The scale itself is actually pretty terrible, but at least I can weigh in without getting any flak.