01 April 2013

Overall Full Body Thinspo

Decided that I didn't post enough overall body thinspo pictures so here are some photos with a sprinkle of other related thinspo pictures. I wish my legs would stop looking so fat in pictures else I would upload progress photos in the future. My collar bones are showing quite well though lately, I might upload a picture later of my collar bones.

I do not own any of these images and if you are the owner of an image and wish it to be taken down, please let me know via e-mail.

Beautiful. Nothing else to say.
Her rib cage makes me smile. She's in such nice shape compared to me
Her stomach is so cute! It's so small
Her legs.
Not a full body picture but those legs are just perfect. Oh gosh, I wish my fat didn't hang off of my body when I lay down like that.
I am so jealous of that gap right now. These stupid pills make me gain weight but I'm being watched as I take them.
Overall she's nice and toned!
Her arms are so nice!
Just absolutely gorgeous, what a stunner
Her collar bones are so adorable 
Why is she so tall and lean? I wish I could be tall and lean but instead I'm fat and short
I am so jealous of her body.
I just want to hug her so bad right now, she's so hot! 
Athletic body!

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  1. The NIKE shorts picture is a repeat. Also, for the pills, tuck them between your tongue and teeth, and then wash them down the drain when you brush your teeth. I went to hospital this January, and even though my pills give me night terrors, I still get forced to take them. I skipped out for almost a month, and I felt a lot clearer. I'm sorry you have to take the stupid pills, is what I mean to say. I hope you can shake it.