22 April 2013

Pinterest Thinspo

So Pinterest is cracking down on thinspo and pro ana posts so I decided to put some pins up (25 of them if you really wanted to know).

Also, I had to eat dinner today but I took 2 laxative pills so I should be fine by tomorrow.

I do not own any of these images and if you are the owner of an image and wish it to be taken down, please let me know via e-mail.

Hip bones and her stomach is so flat!
10 lbs does make a difference. This picture is of the same girl after losing just 10 lbs. If I'm this fat now, I know I'll be thinner 10 lbs lighter.
Her stomach is amazing
Going to do this every day starting soon before summer!
How the [expletive] are her breasts so huge to her stomach proportions? I'm so jealous.
Waist and legs, her figure is amazing
I like her belly piercing!
Her waist and stomach look great!
Beach body right here
I know I will never have legs that thin in my life. I am so jealous.
Nice arms and waist
Stomach and hipbones
I remember back when my back used to look like this and my doctors were horrified when they felt my back during check ups. It was fun looking at their terrified faces.
Another beach body
She's so petite 
Gap between her legs
Waist and stomach are absolutely flawless
Toned stomach
Abs girl, she's got them!
Lot's of waist photos tonight.
There is just nothing wrong with this photo. I have no idea how.

Her entire body frame is petite. I am so jealous.
Someday I will look this good in my own underwear

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