20 April 2013

ABC Diet: Day 1

I'm already stuck on my diet.

Also, 103.2, I'm already going down. Took laxatives last night so that helped with everything I ate from the night before. My stomach is in so much pain though still.

I have to go to LongHorn Steakhouse today with my family. I'm not sure what to do. The fresh bread they give is 510 calories for an entire loaf, adding butter is an additional 100 calories. I have to avoid the bread at all costs.

I'm thinking of getting the Mixed Green side salad for 110 calories and the seasoned rice pilaf for 200 calories for a total of 310 calories, leaving me 190 calories for bread so my family doesn't think anything is weird. If I end up eating too much I'll just take laxatives again. I can't afford to not lose weight now.

Please let me stay within 500 calories today. I'll post thinspo later tonight.

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