22 April 2013

ABC Diet Day 3: 1 Banana

101.6 with water weight

I forgot to measure myself this morning so I just took my measurement. I drank an entire vitamin water today so I definitely know that part of my weight is from the water I drank. So excited for my weight tomorrow.

So with 101.6, I'm -.6 lbs down from yesterday, -1.6 lbs from Day 1, and -2.8 lbs down from the day prior to starting the diet. I'm on a roll here, nearly 3 lbs down now!

Today I have decided to only eat a banana, no waffles. I cut my banana into 16 pieces. I've only ate 3 pieces so far. I might eat some unbuttered popcorn later if my family is wondering if I already ate or not. But if I don't that means my calorie count is only at 105 kcals out of the 300 max.

I see my first goal in the horizon.

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