19 April 2013

Life as a fat@$$

104.4 lbs.
I'm a fatass. I need to lose weight as soon as possible. I'm starting the ABC diet tomorrow so hopefully I'll drop fast. I'll post pictures from now on of my progress once I start. I need to see my current fat self in picture and always remind myself to never become like this again.

I'm planning my diet for the next week with the diet. Here is my diet:

Day 1:
1 Avocado, 2 Waffles
440 calories/500

Day 2:
2 Banana, 1 Avocado
460 calories/500

Day 3:
1 Banana, 2 Waffles
295 calories/300

Day 4:
2 Banana, 2 Waffles
400 calories/400

Day 5:
1 Waffle
95 calories/100

Day 6:
1 Waffle, 1 Banana
200 calories/200

Day 7:
1 Avocado
250 calories/300

There is absolutely no excuse for me to not lose weight now. I will be thin.

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