15 February 2013

Arms and Legs Thinspo

I have this urge to purge the longer I stare at my legs. Currently I'm working on my arms in weight training. As long as I don't provide extra calories for my arms, they shouldn't get ugly and muscular. I remember when I was younger I wanted muscular arms. Hell. No. Not for my height and frame that's for sure.

Here are some gorgeous arms and legs for you all <3

I wish... I looked like this when I sat down. Wow.

Why is she so gorgeous, it makes me want to cry. I never looked like that when I did ballet, I looked like a rock next to swans.

Her upper body, wow.

I love how long her arms are, and they're so thin! Such a nice slender figure.

Such beautiful bone structure and arms. I love her face too!

She's so adorable!! And look at how nice her legs are, she's so cute!

That house looks great, but have you seen her legs yet? Her body in general? Crap, if you're going to be in a house like this, you can only be thin. Bigger would ruin it.

Love this photo!

You can understand why I love dancing thinspo, and why I'm so jealous of other dancers other than myself. Wow.

If only I could look this great in a huge sweater.

Quirky but fun photo

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