17 February 2013

"Healthy" Purging Guide

Quick update before I continue on: 97 lbs and 22.5"

Yes, I did gain +1.2 lbs from yesterday. Why? Binged since my family went psycho on me when I tried to talk to them. Wow. And I did eat bell peppers and some hummus last night at the party.

Moving along! Here is the post I've been meaning to write for a while.

PART I: Health Warnings

To just cut to the chase, there is no such thing as healthy purging. Before you even think about putting those fingers into your throat (especially you ana's adding in mia behavior in), read this article about what happens due to bulimia. I know most of you all won't, so here is a less detailed list here (and the ones that I have experienced/commentary):

  • Tooth decay, swollen gums, gum disease, erosion of tooth enamel
  • Osteoporosis, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances
  • Swollen salivary glands (this is one of the most prominent symptoms, my pictures from that time period definitely show my cheeks very puffy and large. My cheeks are no longer as "puffy" but at the time, they were huge)
  • Abnormal heart beat, fainting, kidney damage, low blood pressure, lower body temperature, inflammation/tears in the esophagus
  • Death
If you still wish to continue, please realize that unlike ana's (without mia tendencies), going down the road with purging is not a pretty one. My first mia friend died at 14 and since then I have personally avoided other mia's since it still brings back memories for me. Purging should not be a social interaction with one another and should be avoided amongst friends. Ana buddies in my opinion are heavily safer than mia's.


A fact that should be known, your body automatically begins absorbing the calories from the foods you eat upon touching your tongue. Thus if you are purging after you (binge) eat, you must throw it up within 5-20 minutes from eating. The enzymes in your stomach immediately begin breaking down the foods. By the time an hour has gone, it is hardly solid at that point. It's already become mush in your stomach.

This is why I heavily do not recommend purging. It is also severely addicting. Please ignore books and movies when I say that purging is not easy. It never has been easy, it never will be easy. It is not 'fun' to do. For myself I find it addicting and intriguing to see the chunks come up. It hurts like hell and it always will.

If you still wish to continue purging, then drink lots of water or anything else that will serve its purpose of helping the food come up from your stomach. The only exception is milk. The taste of milk that comes up is not at all appealing and is the most disgusting flavor of all to throw up. I highly do not recommend throwing up any dairy products. It's very disgusting. And that's coming from a mia of 6 years.

Keep a glass of water next to you while you throw up also. That's in case you need more fluids to bring up the food or if you begin choking. Or for other various reasons. Just keep drinking lots of water. I recommend a 2:1 ratio of water to food if possible.

Foods to avoid for purging includes extremely fatty foods (the oiliness literally clogs your throats), spicy foods (it BURNS your throat), acidic foods (you already have enough acid from your stomach contents coming up, please do not add more acid into that mixture), etc.

Eat a 'base' color food to determine how much you have thrown up to avoid purging beyond what you ate prior to purging. It also helps so you can see if there is blood. If you see blood, run like hell away from that toilet/sink/bathtub/shower and stay away. Blood is a bad sign and you need to be checked out.

Determine your location. Are you in a public restroom? Then your only option is the toilet. Same goes to parties, other houses, etc. Make sure to check on how the plumbing is. You do not want to be known as the girl who got puke exploding from the pipes. Do. Not. Want. That. Your social reputation will forever be ruined (as well as the walls and carpets).


Kneeling is the worst way to purge. You must stand, it is by far the easiest way to purge. Many people prefer sinks and showers/baths due to this. 

I personally find it disgusting to throw up all over myself in the shower so I avoid doing it in there. I have for years been doing it in the toilet because I know the plumbing in my bathroom sink is terrible. Therefore, my personal option is the toilet. And yes, if you make a daily habit out of purging, karma will hit you in the future. All those times you purged, they'll come spilling out from the pipes at some point and the plumber will have to come and your family and friends will know everything. End of the line.

So if you're going to clog up the pipes, what should you do? Purge in random places. Try to avoid making a habit of throwing up in one place only (eg. bathroom toilet). If you throw up in the sink, make sure to run water always. It'd help break down the foods while it goes down the drain.

If you are at home, turn music on in the bathroom if taking a shower and turn the shower on. I personally had a habit of taking a shower immediately after dinner in the past and would throw up while the water in the shower was on with music. I still play music in the bathroom to this day.

If your parents/friends are less oblivious/caring for what you do to yourself, avoid purging at home. Run to a local restaurant/cafe, promptly order something quick, and use the restroom there. If you have to purge at home, turn the water on. However it is still audible to the ear when someone is purging and then you'll be shipped to a hospital/therapy for purging at home.

I do not recommend purging with your fingers. Puke will get all over your hands, no matter how fast you pull them out. Once your gag reflex gets hit, you will puke immediately. Be wary of other things and do not choke. Everyone can manually throw up, it just takes time and practice to figure out which area in the back of your throat will induce it. If you're using a toothbrush, please be careful and pull it out immediately or you might choke and hit the back of your throat (NOT pleasant).

Hopefully this guide will provide help for those who are purging. Purging is most definitely not safe to do daily (which I did and I am suffering the consequences now). If you do choose to purge, please do it 'safely' and avoid ana guides to purging. Purging should only be done to get rid of excess food from your stomach. Never purge to the point where there is nothing in your stomach. Please stay safe fellow mia's/ana's!

It's Sunday morning, stretch and get out there!

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