15 February 2013

Post Valentines Day

Sorry for not updating the past several days, I've been rather focused on Valentines day and surviving it.

Didn't exactly survive it. 96 lbs and 23.25".

Most of the weight is from water weight, I've been just drinking non stop. I did binge eat two or three days ago (which is why I felt ashamed to post) and since then it's been water and tic tacs. I have to keep the 96 lbs until after my appointment today. The waist measurement is from all this new weight I gained. [Expletive].

Is it bad that I'm getting nose bleeds already? Haha, oops. I'm going to need vitamins now.

Yesterday, prior to my Valentines date (<3), it was pretty wild on my side. I hadn't eaten since the day before (food poisoning, ah, now I remember) so I was at that point heavily fasted on water and tic tacs. Weight training, I didn't think I'd be made to work out so hard. But for the first time in weeks, the instructor let me go on the treadmill the last several minutes. Wrong choice, being way too excited I used 10-12 resistance at 150-180 steps per minute.

40 calories, 3 minutes. Whoo! But no, wrong mistake after fasting for so long and having thrown up the day prior. I nearly passed out in my next class and I especially got one girl worried. Luckily I passed it off as just not having eaten but when she tried to get me to eat I freaked. I had to take a minor quiz first, so by the time I had went back into my class all the food was gone except for a cup of lemonade and a sugar cookie. Drank the entire lemonade but threw the cookie away after class.

Too bad I managed to eat two entire quiches (des epinards et champignon, ou de chèvre) et la chocolatine -purge- Désolée ma petite amie. But the date went wonderful and her mother met me for the first time. Guess what? I'm approved!

So, even though I had gone down in weight yesterday, still at 96 lbs after purging from yesterday. [Expletive] my life. Even worse I was at 22.5"at my waist WITH swelling from my stomach from having thrown up the day before from the food poisoning.

Unlikely bonus, my younger sister (she's fourteen) weighs the same as me right now and is 5' .5". That gives me some form of pride at least, if at all any.

After today I'm fasting until 90 lbs. Tic tacs and water, here I come. I'm going to have to get my new phone prior to my first goal weight though, my current one is dying. [Expletive]. Everything goes wrong when I least want it to. Need new goal weight reward ideas for 90 lbs.

Posting thinspo and purging tips later. I need to take a shower and leave now.

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