09 February 2013

Athletic/Dancer Thinspo

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Here are a few thinspo images that I've been obsessed with lately. As someone who used to be serious about dancing, it really helps me.

I just LOVE her legs, they're so long and thin!

Gorgeous, look at her form!

Leotards, I still have my old one. I wonder how I look in mine now?

Her stomach <3

Do I even need to caption this one?

I need to get more in shape, I hate my body shape right now.

What I used to think back when I did ballet

Once spring comes, I'm going back to my 3am morning runs. Tip, if you have family, just run at 3 am. Nobody is awake at that point. I just love the feeling when you weigh less than you did in the morning.

I need to get to this again. She looks great!

I'm so jealous of her body. I remember always looking at everyone in ballet practice wishing I was taller and thinner.

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