21 February 2013

Korean Food

94.4 lbs, 22.5"

Pretty impressive since I binged last night. I was at 97.7 lbs when I slept (another reason I slept so early, too depressed). That's a -3.3 lbs change from last night.

I ate an entire bag of chocolate covered puffs (Korean snacks), Milkis (Korean carbonated milk drink), Chocopie (.... you can guess, Korean), and at least a pound of rice and curry. Oh yeah, and to keep it 'healthy', two clementines. I don't know why I binged out like I did, it's just, I lost control once I saw all the new food.

So, I'm pretty happy that I lost -3.3 lbs! I credit it to all the exercising I did without drinking anything at all. Was awfully tired and dizzy though during and after, but it was worth it as I see now.

250 step ups (I'm going to add weights starting next week), and other arm exercises. With the dumbbells I'm doing 7.5 lbs each since my back and upper body isn't doing so well.

Also, every time I saw stairs today I ran up them. It was really fun today.

I should figure out a regular exercise plan when not at weight training until it gets warm outside. I'm dying to run right now.

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