17 February 2013

Ballet Thinspo

As you all know, I'm a dancer and I've been classically trained in ballet. I've been doing ballet since early elementary school. Ballet, along with ballroom, jazz, tap, modern, and other various forms of dancing has impacted my life.

My family has been hit with tragedy after tragedy, my younger sister was supposed to compete in a national ballet competition that our dance studio attends yearly. She had a solo on pointe that she had been preparing for over a year. She now has mild scoliosis, had a stress fracture, and is never allowed back onto pointe again.
I can't do pointe anymore either. I also developed issues with my back, though not as severely as my younger sister. It really is a pity. Though I do plan on doing ballroom dancing competitively again in the future.

So expect tons more ballet thinspo. For some reason I am finding NOTHING on ballroom dancing thinspo, so I guess my next thinspo post will be photos from past competitions that I have attended. If I had to compare, I honestly believe ballroom dancers are thinner than ballet dancers. Especially the pro's, at least over half of them have to be ana's.

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Muscular? Yes, but she's a professional. And obviously thin for one too.
Such gorgeous legs -sigh-
She is extremely flexible, and wow! Her arms and waist are perfect.
Her waist is perfect, I bet that she's at 17"

Those legs! They go on for miles and miles, eek!

Overall thinness = Gorgeous

Love the woman on the left of this picture, she's so tall and stunning.

Definitely a modern pointe piece, she looks great!

If only my legs could look like that when doing splits. She's gorgeous, just look at her face, she has the full package!

Très petite!

Miles and miles of legs, long and lean, gorgeous legs.

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  1. Absolutely lovely pictures. I wish I had stuck with ballet; I did it for almost ten years (3-13) and left due to bullying in my studio. I'm 14 now and miss it every day.