18 February 2013

Fashion/Model Thinspo

They're all gorgeous ladies, so tall, slim, and slender! Enjoy <3

Holy mother of _______, is she perfect?!

It's almost spring! Get that body back into shape and whip out your dresses!
Stay classy <3 
That horse is kind of creepy... and how is she standing on that with her heels? 
Those legs!
Such a slim body
Street fashion! And nice legs. 
High fashion = Thin, you can't NOT be thin. Duh.
Those arms are amazing
Wow, her hip bones are gorgeous <3

Why are there no more models left like her? She's so gorgeous
Stomach and arms
I honestly have no idea how so many Koreans are so tall and have slim legs while my Korean body is short and fat, ugly legs too. 
Like a doll
Street fashion 
Arms :)
Someday I hope my stomach will look like this when I bend forward. Her back is flawless!
When one thinks of fashion/models, one thinks of.... Starbucks!

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