12 February 2013

Hate myself

Well, there went my plans of just water and energy drinks. Fucking shit (sorry for the language). I'm so [expletive] angry!!!!

I was forced to eat breakfast since apparently I looked pale. 400 calories of soup and noodles.

I packed myself pistachios for work. Ended up eating them all already. 244 calories for 61 pistachios. 4 calories each.

I took two clémentines, I ate one at home. 105 calories.

Fucking 749 calories.

I need to work out asap today in the weight training room. I feel so disgusting. I can literally feel the layer of fat on my stomach growing with every bite that I took. [Expletive] disgusting.

I felt like throwing up with every bite. I kept eating. And eating. [Expletive] my life.

Going to post music tonight, I definitely need it. Must avoid temptations to buy a shit load of chocolates to binge on tonight. I can't throw up, not yet.

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