12 February 2013

Energy Drinks and Coffee for Today!

Morning measurements: 93.4 lbs, 22.25"

-.6 lbs loss, but I somehow went up +.25"?!

Well, water. I'm probably bloated from all the water I've been drinking all night. I didn't sleep until 04:45 today, and I woke up by 06:30. Oops. My friend is pissed at me probably (not my ana buddy). Ah [expletive]. I stayed up looking at thinspo and reading an ana book until then, all while drinking an energy drink. Shit.

Drinking more coffee and energy drinks today. Once all the water weight goes I'm going to be excited. Though... I hope I'll make it through work today, I might take a few pistachios in case I get dizzy. Need to buy vitamins asap, not helping I'm anemic.

But yay! -3.4 lbs and then I'm at my first goal weight. Finally I feel some form of success for the first in weeks.

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