12 February 2013

얼짱 Thinspo!

Well, I can't remember if I've already stated this or not but I'm Korean. Thus, I tend to look at Korean trends a shit load more than I do with American trends. But I was too lazy to pull pictures off of daum or naver so here are tumblr thinspo pics of 얼짱 (NOT pronounced ulzzang, any Korean will laugh their [expletive] off at you. The more accurate pronunciation is ohljjang!

Hopefully your Tuesdays have gone better than mine. Did I mention I binged out at the Taco Bell near my work place? Guess what I ordered, veggie cantina bowl. Yup. With sides. [Expletive]. Otherwise, here are the thinspo pics!

I do not own any of these images and if you are the owner of an image and wish it to be taken down, please let me know via e-mail.

She looks like a [expletive] doll!! Look at how tiny her hands are and her jawline.

Korean girls tend to wear baggy tops. But wow! Look at her tiny neck and those legs!

She is extremely tiny AND adorable!

Legs. That's all you need to say. 

Staring at how thin her arms are, and then looking at my arms. I need to purge the shit out of whatever the hell I ate today.

Even with the baggy sweaters, I'm pretty sure you're seeing what I'm seeing. Wow.

I LOVE knee high socks. This drives me crazy to see girls pull it off so well and then when I see myself in the mirror.... I look like a cow.

Definitely an ana/mia, just those legs say everything.

Korean girl group (usually don't listen to 'k-pop' but their music video was HOT) known as Afterschool. I can't believe they all have such gorgeous legs!

Time to cry my ugly fat Korean self to sleep while these gorgeous ladies look like this from morning up to sun down. [Expletive] my life.

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