11 February 2013

Diet/Regular Thinspo

Due to being unable to binge and purge without my ana friend finding out, I have to go the ana route for a slight while. Though I am throwing up like shit next week, we're going on a "fasting" week to mimic Ramadan (yay!) but we have to eat an enormous amount of food after sun down (I'm in my schools Muslim Student Association, atheist if you're wondering about my views).

So until then, trying to get down to 90 lbs before the binging part of next week! Going to be interesting, eh? Otherwise, here are more diet oriented thinspos and then just regular thinspo. Enjoy the rest of Monday!

I do not own any of these images and if you are the owner of an image and wish it to be taken down, please let me know via e-mail.
Besides being completely allergic to figs, kiwi, and papaya, definitely going to be following a lot of this. Helpful chart!

I'm currently doing weight training right now, so this shouldn't be hard at all for anyone else trying to exercise.

I run at 03:00 every day starting in spring as so I don't get caught running. If you feel like you see a fellow mia/ana, it may be me so feel free to wave hello <3
I think I'm going to do this after Valentines.... wait. I'll have to do this after next week, once the fasting week for the club is done! Then again I'm sure by then I'll be used to fasting (thus no more purging in a long while haha, have I made you proud yet ana buddy?).  
I'm definitely going for the strawberries, tomato, orange slices, and apples! Excellent photo of portions for calories.
It's hard to find thinspo with fully dressed girls!

Found this (like many of these photos) off of my ana buddy's pinterest! Excellent figure!
Just thought this was so adorable <3

I think this one is my favorite picture that I've posted today, her arms, legs, she's so [expletive] gorgeous!
Those legs + socks = Wowza. I can't wait for the day that high socks look thin on me!

Time to drink more water and lose more weight, until tomorrow! <3

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