11 February 2013

Binged... still lost weight!

Somehow I'm magically 94 lbs. Down -.6 lbs from yesterday's measurement! What the hell?

The excitement I'm feeling is so wonderful, it just feels amazing!

I binged even after posting last night. So confused. I ate three more mini cupcakes (one frosted), a shit load of cookies with frosting smeared all over them, an entire bag of chips (eww, still makes me want to throw up after), and an entire avocado and Wasa's bread things. Like, how is this even....?

Even stranger, I was watching Doctor Who's episodes of the Weeping Angels while this all happened, and passed out in the middle of an episode (never.... again...) so I didn't even have time to purge it all out or anything. Literally just woke up like, 40 minutes ago? Wowza.

But hey, at least I'm at 94 lbs. I'm at 22" at my waist. That's a -.5" improvement! Fasting today.

Oops. Realized I forgot to publish my post from this morning. Well, I ended up not fasting today, forgot that today was a meeting with some of my friends since early childhood and one always makes me eat lunch with her.

I ate pasta, a shit load of lettuce, and a banana -throws up- (Just kidding, ana buddy, I didn't if you're reading this).

Drinking lots of water, starting my fast officially... now!

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