17 February 2013

Massive File Dump of Thinspo

Here's a huge dump of thinspo ranging from high fashion to some food/exercise thinspo, lots of black and white thinspo, some quotes, etc.

Pretty much, a massive file dump of 21 pictures. Enjoy.

I'm so jealous of her
She's stunning! And gorgeous, look at her waist and how strong she is.
Haven't seen someone wear a full leo in a while, perfect for winter
Overall she's pretty good. I love her legs the most though!
Is that a... yes, a hip bone protruding slightly with a firm waist!
Collar bones and those legs... wow!
Typical thinspo pic!
Second part to the beginners one in another thinspo post I did a few days ago
Holy [expletive] those legs.
Her legs go for MILES. HOW.
Exact reason why thinness is beauty. Just look at her!

I'm never going to be swimsuit ready. 
She's so tall and thin
Seriously, how small is her waist to her other measurements? Wow
She is so gorgeous, I can't stop staring at her. Oh gosh, why is she so gorgeous.
If I wore that exact same outfit, bet you'd think I was a fat girl. I can't pull that off at all. 

Legs :)

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