20 February 2013

To be Thin.... then not to Be.

So, as I knew it would happen, I most definitely gained some weight last night.

Back to 96 lbs and 22.5"...... even after exercise. That's a +.2 lbs increase from two days ago and +1.4 lbs increase from yesterday prior to eating.

At least I know half of the contents of my stomach is water. She had these huge water cups and I kept drinking water the entire time. And perfect excuse, I had been fasting the entire day so I was extremely thirsty!

But I still ate a shit amount of cheese samosas. They were delicious too, all crispy and dripping with olive oil and the cheese was seasoned with lots of herbs and spices. So scrumptious. Ate two medium bowls of rice, this one noodle soup with lentils, chick peas, etc. OH and home made pizza, you can't beat that.

Thank goodness for water. I just kept drinking water. I had planned to throw up at a nearby restaurant or cafe near her home... except I hadn't realized there weren't any. Plus it was frigid cold and I had to get off of a bus stop and run to the main road where all the buses came (major bus stop). No restaurants nearby there either. By the time I got home, it had already been almost 3 hours since I had ate. Definitely not solid chunks at that point so I didn't purge it.

Also didn't purge it since I have work today and I'm sticking to the fasting thing. I'll start drinking water once the sun sets and water only.

Love the fasting thing, hate how you have to break the fast.

Anyways, I'll re-update after work tonight with my weight after fasting all day.

Oh, before I forget, best part about yesterday! This young girl that my friend was baby sitting (they live in the University's housing area for researchers/PH. D. students, etc), she told me, "You're so thin!" My friend scolded her though for saying that, but it still felt good to hear.

At least until I began eating. [Expletive].

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