16 February 2013

Saturday... poetry?

95.8 lbs and 22.5" waist.

Well, at least it's water weight. I know that much. Might be going to a party later, summer themed today. Hopefully I won't look fat in my summer clothes.

I'm addicted to my energy drinks, it's all I'm drinking now. I've been drinking this one for years, XS Blast Cranberry Grape Blast and it's just... really nice to drink. If you get what I mean. I don't know, I just have a hard time drinking other energy drinks due to all the sugar they put in them.

I can go through several cans within a day. Not that you should, it does technically cost over $2 per can. Oops. I need to find a cheaper one to drink.

Anyways, not sure what else to post today beyond thinspo and purging tips so... I've decided to do Poetry Saturday. Here's the one for today:

Smile. Sleeping meds at home
Help. Counting the pills
Love. Purging
Carefree. Take the pills, floating in the wind

By the way, if I find anyone has stolen this poem, I will hunt you down and kill you, along with my other ones. I already have these time stamped, dated, and printed with dates (copy right) so <3

Posting thinspo later once I find some more. Ta ta for now.

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