27 February 2013

Fuck my life

I haven't posted in 6 days.

98.2 lbs and 22"

How I'm at 22" with 98.2 lbs? Hopefully it's fucking muscle weight. Yeah, I'm not in a good mood, can you tell already?

One of my dance teachers, the one who taught me to dance tap (still my favorite out of all of them), jazz, and ballet, died Friday (thus why I haven't posted since Thursday). So yeah, not in a good mood at all. On top of that a major headache and nausea.

Weight training, I'm doing a lot of free weights (thus why I'm hoping it's [expletive] muscle weight) and I'm doing an average of 60 step ups as one rep, x4 reps. Doing other various things also but that's what I'm doing mostly. Aiming to work on my disgusting arms before spring comes and we shed our layers off.

Fucking disgusting shit.

I feel like shit. I look like shit. My face looks rounder than ever today.

When can I go die in peace? Oh. 70 lbs. That's when.

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