17 February 2013

Diets: Ana Boot Camp Spreadsheet

I'm fasting this week as part of a Muslim Association club (I am an atheist, however many members are non-Muslim such as myself, we joined the club to learn more about Islam, the culture, and to learn facts so we do not remain ignorant). Technically we're supposed to break the fast once the sun has completely set, but the days I can't go to break the fast with the club, I am not eating (the days I do go with them, I'll be purging).

However, immediately after this week I'm starting the Ana Boot Camp diet, otherwise known as the ABC. I've decided, enough is enough with all the binging lately, and to finally start seriously going towards my GW. To make sure I've created a spreadsheet that you guys can use for yourselves also.

Good luck! And please stay safe. Take vitamins, make sure to drink water often and if you feel faint, eat. You do not want to pass out. If you think these calorie goals are too low, adjust them for yourself. This is simply the guideline for the ABC diet. If you're a non-ana/mia simply needing this for thinspiration, just up the calories to the 800-1000 calorie range.

Just download it for yourself and start plugging away. Just to briefly explain how this spreadsheet works, here is a simple explanation of how it works:

If you choose to remain in Google Docs for your own individual spreadsheet, you can create a note listing what you ate/more precise notes rather than just listing a single calorie listing. It's nice to see the calories you ate and then the precise food item/exact calorie per item!

First click on the desired cell in the spreadsheet (I decided Day 3). Click on the cell and go to Insert. From there, click on Note.

Type in whatever you wish into the Note (I simply wrote Example). Once you finish your note, simply click elsewhere on the spreadsheet.

Done! Now there should be a small black flag in the corner of your cell. You can do as many notes as you wish. I'd personally recommend writing the exact calories in the Actual row and clarify what you ate exactly (ie. 5 pistachios - 20 cals (4 cals each), etc.).

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