10 February 2013

Smoothies and Cupcakes

94.6 lbs, that was my weight this morning. I'm so happy, I'm down -.6 lbs from yesterday!

I fasted yesterday and drank a ton of water. I stayed over at my ana buddy's house last night and it was great. It's nice knowing that the 94.6 lbs is from water weight so I'm excited. We stayed up until nearly 4am, looking at thinspo and exercising.

For today, we made a smoothie (mango, frozen blueberries, banana, and fat-free yogurt). It's strange as a mia since I gladly just drank it but my buddy had an incredibly different experience with drinking it (she hardly drank it and it was only because of my insistence that she even did for part of it). Kind of awkward, I know if I could purge (she won't let me), I'd be drinking AND eating a ton more than I am right now.

I measured myself once I got home, 22.5" still for my waist. This sucks. I don't think I'll ever get down to 17".

So of course, I binged. I ate 4 mini unfrosted cupcakes. It's strange, if I could purge, I'd be going to iHop right now and ordering every item out there on the menu. Extra whip cream, extra butter, extra syrup -sigh-.

Anyways, I'm thinking of starting the ana bootcamp after Valentines day. Contemplating time.

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